Miracles & Testimonials:
Expect a Senju Kannon Miracle

Senju Kannon Reiki is Miracle Healing.
What are Miracles?
Miracles are created when we allow ourself to surrender to forces outside ourselves to assist us.
Attune to your Higher Self and Heart for your Senju Kannon Reiki miracle.
Ask for Permission: “I ask to receive Now a Senju Kannon Reiki miracle today for….”
1. Breathe in “Heart I Love You” affirmation placing the Senju Kannon Reiki symbol on your heart.
2. Give “All Love and “All Truth” for your intent to manifest.
3. Be Grateful.
You are now ready to receive your Senju Kannon Reiki miracle or miracles.
Document your miracles daily and your Senju Kannon Reiki miracles will start manifesting.



received 21/9/17 from Senju Kannon Reiki Master/Teacher – Catherine Brastel, from France. 

On 15 September 2015, I received from my teacher Carmel Glenane Mastery in Reiki on the beach of la grenouille, a wonderful omen for what was expected in France, “Froggies Beach” In Coolangatta-Qld Australia. It is naturally that I returned to the sea this weekend to celebrate these 2 extraordinary years. Carmel gave me these wonderful gifts:

1st Gift:  Reconnect me to my Divine Feminine through the Reiki of the Divine Feminine, with the inexhaustible help of the Goddess of compassion Senju Kannon / Quan Yin / Kali and the power it gives in itself, Self-esteem, yes, I deserve it! After the trials crossed as a mother of 2 children in a painful situation at that time of my life.

The 2nd Gift: To be able to convey the teachings of the Reiki of the Divine Feminine, and balancing the masculine and feminine forces by anchoring them in the heart of our Mother Earth.

The 3rd Gift: To listen to my heart and be able to tell her; “heart I love you!” And to be able to manifest everything that my heart desires in love and the truth (from my heart) supported by my husband. I’m grateful! Thank you to all those who have allowed me – including my children and they are fine!- and allow me to share in sharing and joy my work of love. Thank you to my sacred singing bowls and the magic they bring to all my care, initiations and meditations. Heart I love you. Catherine Brastel. France. 2017


Testimonial from Senju Kannon Reiki Level 1:

Todat was an amazing awakeningof self love and opening my heart. Forgiving myself and my mum and allowing The Goddess to shine brightly, the essence of listening to my heart, in Gratitude, Nicole 2/3/17

Testimonial from Senju Kannon Reiki Level 1:

Today was an amazing day.  I feel so calm and I feel able to change my life and fill it with love and gratitude.  Heart I Love you.   Val 28/1/17

Testimonial from Senju Kannon Reiki Level 1:

While my husband and son were on a weekend journey for men, and I finally had some time to myself, I realised that I needed some transformation for myself.  I needed to change something in me.  The high power given to me through my healing and receiving the Senju Kannon Level 1 training has given me tools for my Reiki.  I am looking forward to using Reiki daily on myself and then on my family creating more harmony.  Larisa.  20/1/17

Testimonial from Senju Kannon Reiki Level 1:

My body had been holding stagnant energy for a very long time and today I have experienced many shifts to get back on track.  Fear has robbed me for a long time and I now see clearly how I developed negative energy patterns that weren’t necessary.  I now have essential tools to start the next chapter of my life and never look back. Gratitude, Vikki.  18/1/17

Testimonial from Senju Kannon Reiki Master Teacher:

Senju Kannon Reiki Master Teacher has been wonderful.  I feel that the scattered pieces of me have returned. Carmel is fantastic and I am blessed to have met her.  Heart I Love Your. Monique.  16/9/16

Testimonial from Reiki Level 1:

Reiki 1 has allowed me to become a reflection of every living thing, and I am radiating this out to the world. Gratitude, Carly  3/8/16

Testimonial from Reiki Master Teacher:

Senju Kannon Reiki Master has been magical, inspiring and very healing.  Alison 30/7/16

Testimonial from ReikiLevel 11 and Master Teacher:

Peace! My heart has come home.  I feel supported and stable, solid and full.  I feel I can embrace the NOW! Gratitude and much love is what I feel for Senju Kannon Reiki and what it has given back to me.  with Love and Blessings Brydie..6/7/16

Testimonial from Reiki Master Teacher:

Today Reiki has given me the opportunity to know my Heart and my path in the world.  I have a greater love for the person I am here to be and a more effective healer. Gratitude. Leah Follett 30/6/16

Testimonial from Reiki Level 1 Student:

I am feeling so blessed to have received my Reiki training today, a truly wonderful manifestation of peace, love, grounding and healing. I am looking forward to embracing Reiki every day from this memont on.  Much Gratitude Carmel.  Jocelyn O.  9/6/16

Senju Kannon Reiki – Love in Action Testimonial

Hey Carmel, and all fellow beautiful Senju Kannon Reiki people

My gorgeous soulmate Neill had a heart attack on 1 April – April fools day!  The doctors said he would not ‘make it’. 
After a week they said he may stay alive, but if they left the ventilator in too long he would ‘fight’ and be in a vegitative state for life.  He regained consciousness on 21 April.
On his birthday 27 April they said he would need pallative care and would never leave the hospital.  They assured us he would unlikely talk or walk, but they could definatly tell us he would be blind.
 A few of us have been working with him… and so far he has remembered how to smile and laugh, blink and wink.  Since then he can speak in sentences – albiet not always understandably – but that will come with time. His personality is in tact and he makes jokes.  We have seen his sense of humor frequently over the last few weeks. He even had a go at whistling.
 This video is from 15 May. 
Today the doctors made the wonderful decision to start feeding him and removing his dependency on a nose tube… they also started speech therapy and physio. 
I have come to realise what a narrow view of the workings of human body, mind and spirit that our current system has, and also what a great learning opportunity we have been afforded through this event.
Neill is surrounded by pure love and, as Carmel puts it, “Love in Action!”   Both Neill and myself have received lots of Reiki over the last 8 weeks.  It is the reason we are both in good shape physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
There is no way I could have got through this without Reiki and Reiki Miracles.    Working with Carmel and other Reiki practitioners has helped me understand the bigger picture of why this happened, my role in this event, and most importantly how to TRUST the universe/god/angels and allow massive amounts of love to flow through me.  It is quite an amazing lovely journey we are on.
Thank you to all gorgeous Reiki practitioners sending loving and healing energy.
Pure love and light to all
Lianne and Neill  15/5/16.
xx Emoji


Testimonial From Senju Kannon Reiki Level 1,2 and Master Teacher student:

I feel excited, Senju Kannon Reiki has given me a new way of living, confirming what my heart already knew.  I feel supported and welcomed – a belonging, a strong sense of self, a pride and glory in being a woman.  Heart I Love You.

Jean Clewett (May 2016)

Testimonial From Senju Kannon Reiki Level 1,2 and Master Teacher student:

Gratitude, Carmel for your incredible training program, you did everything to make me feel at home and relaxed to receive my learning.  With your guidance I have learned to get focused and get centred, GET EARTHED!! possible for the first time in my life. Any woman having trouble coping in todays world needs this training. I felt like a treasured guest.. Reiki has changed my life and will be with me now forever. I am grateful for the gift I have received.

Catherine Darcey. (May 2016)

Testimonial from Senju Kannon Reiki Level 2 student:

My experience with Reiki level 2 as taught by Carmel is huge; It spans the most subtle, gentle and soothing relaxation to profound insights which are life changing.  A great Gift!

Alison Tuck, Psycholigist (April 2016)

Testimonial From Sekhem Seichim Egyptian Reiki Master Teacher:

Since my attunement as a Senju Kannon Reiki Master, I should say my encounter with Carmel Glenane; my life has been filled with WOW moments!  I embrace the Feminine Reiki and now as a Sekhem Seichim Reiki master Teacher, I Remembered!  I remember, I feel aligned, Earthed, expecting Reiki miracles every day, every second.  They have manifested already, today, as I was giving healing to another Sekhem Seichim Reiki Master, her miracle happened during the healing.. A High Priestess came to support her during the healing.. making the miracle happen.. All Love and All truth, I am grateful, Heart I Love You.

Catherine Brastel (April 2016)

Fruther testimonial from Catherine posted by her on Facebook:  

I honour all the Reiki guides who found me here in the blessed land of Australia. First in the Dr Mikao Usui’s lineage and system, from Usui Reiki Master Teacher Sue Lake-Harris, student of Master/Teacher Barbara McGregor, founder of the Usui Reiki network in Australia, leading me to Senju Kannon Reiki ™ Master/Teacher,  Carmel Glenane. The Feminine Reiki connected me to my feminine essence. Then, when I experienced healing with the Egyptian Reiki frequencies, I incredibly felt at Home. It has been an enticing journey. It is not about collecting as many certificates as possible in a competitive world. It’s been about remembering my true identity and my true power as a woman. It took me 55 years. The last 12 years in this country, away from my native roots- and family- were the necessary steps of this journey. As we soon are departing- in 3 months time- to settle back in France and work, my heart is strong and at peace. I honour and thank this Land, my teachers, and my friends. I believe I shall live long enough to honour and nurture my new self -first, then guide and teach others remembering their own Divine Feminine, starting NOW! Celebration!

Catherine Brastel  (April 2016)

Testimonial from Senju Kannon Reiki Level 1 /  Level 2 / and Master Teacher student:

Wow!! Senju kannon Reiki Level 1; 2 and Master Teacher completed in 4 days…I am grateful beyond words.. I have looked into many Reiki courses over the years but felt no resonance.. I walked into this amazing Temple – Atlantis Rising Healing Centre and immediately felt the calling speak to my heart..I CAME HOME TO MYSELF!!..Thank you Goddess Carmel, I see you, I feel you, I hear you,  HEART I LOVE YOU. Thank you Mother Earth..

Katie-lee Gulbransen (April 2016)

Testimonial from Sekhem Seichim Egyptian Reiki Master Teacher:

Thank you and blessings to Carmel and Atlantis Rising, blessings also to Divine Mother Isis, Divine Sekhmet, Bast and the Hathors and the many other Ancient Ones, guides and Divine beings of love and light that were present during the my incredible day. Gratitude to my guides and HigherSelf and my own Divine Intelligent Heart.  Today was a day of Divine magic; feminine power and high energetic vibrations. May I integrate all the wisdom learning and techniques aswell as the beautiful Sekhem Seichim symbols for my highest good and for the greatest good of all who come to me for healing and for all my future students.  Heart felt gratitude Carmel Glenane..

Divine light, love and peace within.

Alison Shaw (March 2016) – (Alison has now committed to immerse herself in the Egyptian energies by signing up to come on “The Secret Heart Tour” to Egypt in November 2016.)

Recent Testimonial from Senju Kannon Reiki Master Teacher on purchasing her Singing Bowl:

During the first Reiki healing session with Carmel Glenane last August, she played a very beautiful Crystal Singing Bowls by Crystal Tones that moved me -and I mean it literally and emotionally- moved me so that I felt like water rippling endlessly…Then, for my ‪#‎SenjuKannonReiki‬ Master/Teacher’s attunement with Carmel Glenane I was drawn to an Egyptian Blue Bowl, and its sacred notes suffused along the ceremony. But, after 6 personal challenging months, growing in my spiritual journey, I knew I was ready for THE Bowl that was awaiting for me at the Atlantis Rising Healing Centre that it wouldn’t be an Egyptian Blue. So, such purchase had to be a family matter because they supported me all along my Reiki journey and for them to witness what happens in the “Atlantis Rising” Crystal Tones Singing Bowl Temple!   So, off we went!
You can trust Carmel, for tuning in with your Intelligent Heart. After playing some beautiful diamond bowls, bringing calm and peace in our hearts, Carmel extended her arm and reached out to the bowl that is now missing above her head on the shelves, next to Frankincense, its brother and their Mother of Platinum! “May I introduce you to Yagna Ash”…what followed was a very unique, sacred and incredible experience that I’m glad my hubby and Marion witnessed.
If it is your path to purchase such a ‪#‎CrystalSingingBowlsByCrystalTones‬, whether for your own pleasure or for your practice, the connection will be unique. The Bowl will choose you.   Go to the Temple ‪#‎AtlantisRisingHealingCentre‬.
All I can say now is that I’m taming my Yagna Alchemy Bowl, like Le Petit Prince did with his rose. I play for myself,during my student’s attunement, during healing sessions, sending reiki as distant healing. It is beautiful and today I shall send energy to all children who have been abused. Heart I Love You.

Catherine Brastel 15/3/16

Testimonial from Senju Kannon Reiki Level 1 & 2 student:

Today I reverse my life to the beauty it had when I came into this life..I am pure again and healed and wish to be my ‘real self’.  My spirit is totally light with confidence..I now have Power with Love and Energy. heart I Love You,

Helen (The Light) Howard. (Feb 2016)

Testimonial from Senju Kannon Reiki Level 1 student:

Gratitude Carmel,  Today I feel lighter and energised.  During the Reiki I felt tingling and a pulsing inside my body.  The Attunement was beautiful out in the park   and the birds came into the tree above, to sing to me.  The Reiki share session was a great way to learn how to give a healing and share the energy.  The energy from the Crystl tones singing bowls was aamzing and I felt it enhanced th energy to flow.

Leesa Davis. (January 2016)


Recent Testimonial From Student: Ruby Taylor  (April 2015)

If your looking to heal your life, expand your heart and connect to your core; look no further than this amazing centre. Embark on a magical journey with Carmel Glenane and her exquisite team. The Atlantis Rising Healing Centre will caress you with love and light, propelling you to follow the pursuit of your true purpose in life. Purchasing a set of Crystal Tones singing bowls at the Atlantis Rising Healing Centre was a life-changing decision for me. The bowls have assisted me to shift consciousness on a multitude of emotional levels. They have cleared blocks energetically and are working with me to harness my voice, giving me the confidence to sing my truth. The Master Reiki Training I received with Carmel Glenane was beyond imaginable. Set in the picturesque, deeply spiritual, Aboriginal area of Fingal Heads, an abundance of life teems here, creating a sense of bliss and oneness with nature. Nestled beside the ancient, Aboriginal birthing lagoon, the retreat centre is the perfect place to explore and harness the blessings of Mother Earth. Only a short walk to the Gold Coast shore the retreat is rejuvenating and inspiring. Carmel Glenane is a profound healer; her books and her knowledge is exceptional, but most importantly she teaches the most important philosophy of all: “Get out of your head and into your heart.” This is where the true miracles exist. From the love and light in my heart I am eternally grateful to you Carmel, your team and the Atlantis Rising Healing Centre for all you have helped me achieve. May the long time sun shine upon you and your team.

Founder of Senju Kannon Reiki™, Carmel Glenane is a sought after healer. You can book distance healing sessions with Carmel at our shop or in person healings through her Healing Centre, Atlantis Rising

Photos of Carmel Glenane's May 2013 tour of Japan including Wesak festival on Mt Kurama

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