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Many people ask me: What are Senju Kannon ‘Reiki Shares’? Reiki shares, is the giving and receiving of Senju Kannon Reiki energy with a group of people. Following is a practical guide on how to start up ‘Reiki Shares’ in your community.

I would like to invite you all to to allow yourself to receive the gift of “Renewal and Longevity” through ‘Self Treating’ with Senju Kannon Reiki every day. Please watch the following Youtube video on how you can do this:

My Reiki updates are written to support you in opening up to the possibilities of Reiki. New information is being presented in all my Reiki trainings and I plan to down load this information so our Reiki community can share in the information coming through.

With the launch of my new book “Awakening The Intelligent Heart” in the States last week, I have been overwhelmed with the support in the health/healing community for this new information:


This extraordinary Senju-Kannon Reiki Miracle is written to support our ever growing Senju Kannon Reiki community. A devoted student and teacher of Reiki, Rosey Rogers, joined my first Senju Kannon Reiki tour in 2011 after completing her Reiki training in 2007. A country gal, (Hamilton Victoria), rock and roll dancer, Rosey travelled to Coolangatta for the annual “Coolie Rocks On” Festival year after year with her pals. Rosey’s huge heart helped begin my Senju Kannon Reiki community, with generous referal’s from all who were interested.
Tragically, her earth journey ended with ovarian cancer in 2013. Death did not stop Rosey from supporting the Senju Kannon Reiki community. I am sharing this profound miracle from another Senju Kannon Reiki student on our Egyptian 2008 and Reiki tour to Japan 2011 with Rosey.

Hi Goddess Carmel,

I have a little miracle to share with you today.

All weekend I have been doing Reiki healings. My usual ritual consists of calling Rosie to help with my healings and spiritual work. So yesterday morning I met my first client who was booked in for a Reiki crystal healing. I greeted her and asked if she had had a healing before, she seemed closed off but I made chit chat for her to open up a little. She told me that she had Reiki before a couple of times but was interested to see what I did with the crystals, she had tried to book in for another treatment but couldn’t get it so she was drawn to the Reiki crystal healing. She said that her aunty use to do Reiki on her but not with crystals….so we stopped talking and I took her to my treatment room. When we got in I explained what I was going to do and how the treatment was going to be performed. She told me that her aunty used to do the Reiki on her but had passed away. She said that her aunty use to go up to Coolangatta every year to see a group of girls who would do all this kind of stuff. Now I thought to myself that’s funny because the only group who does real rituals is our group from Atlantis Rising. I asked her what was her auntie’s name….and she replied Rosie…..Rosie Rodgers. I could not believe it…..I told her that I knew her and she was a very dear friend of mine, that we met in Egypt on tour…..I told her that Rosie will be here doing the Reiki with me and off I went to do the treatment. Well Rosie did the healing and she assisted me and told me what to do…lol…half way through the treatment the table started shaking….I’m not too sure if you remember but Rosie use to shake the client and rock them to get the crap out of them, very vigorously ….well what do you know..the table was shaking the client was shaking….and I just knew that that was the sign….after I had finished…I told Rosie’s niece, that I felt Rosie here with us…..I told her about the table shaking and she replied….I felt my whole body shaking ….so when I first felt the shaking…I snuck a peak to see what was going on…and I noticed your hands weren’t even touching me. I know Rosie sent me this client WHAT A MIRACLE.
Love and light. (21/7/14)

Our Senju Kannon Reiki community under Quan Yin, protects our holy work. Thank you Rosey..and all our Senju Kannon Reiki community.
“Heart I Love You”.
“All Love”
July 2014.

Reiki Secrets Revealed

Senju Kannon Feminine Reiki now allows the essence of the forces to manifest with you with the powers you receive from the Reiki.

Intoning yourself to receive power through your hearts truth, means simply that you say:

“I now expect Senju Kannon Reiki miracles to receive the power through my hearts truth.”

It is time to really connect to the core of Reiki’s essence through the expression of ‘All’. When you expect ‘All”  (ie “The All”.) of an experience you are opening up to the totality of that experience.  Opening up to “The All” of anything, bring the forces to you.  You want now “The All”, of The Mother of Reiki bring you “All”  you need to receive right now.

“The All” of any experience  brings you to the core of “All”. This allows you to focus on ‘All you ever were and will be.’  This force is allowing you the gift of “All” you ever were.  You are allowing the essence of truth to manifest.

Reiki through ‘The Divine Feminine’ bring you into the heart.  Believing in what the Secret Heart of Reiki brings you is an acknowledgement of your humanness to really flow in the essence of ‘The All’!   The essence of ‘The All’  in Reiki cannot be over emphasised  ‘The All’ contains the total experience of Reiki.  

Reiki is ancient primordial energy.  This ancient primordial energy brings you home to ‘All’ you ever were and will be.  When you allow the primordial aspect of Reiki to be acknowledged, you are respecting the source of “All Life”.  


“The All” of every living thing supports you now in ‘Oneness for All.’

Feeling  ‘The All’ of Reiki  brings ‘The All’ of Reiki to you now.

Senju Kannon Reiki and the Feminine Fire - The Kundalini
photo 3
On the New Moon Kristy decided to birth the ‘Feminine Fire’ of Senju Kannon Reiki.
Having recently become a mum for the second time, and fully recovered from a life threatening disease, she felt free to reclaim her feminine identity through the Kundalini tantra.  
In my study of Scriptural teachings (Swama Satayanda Sarawsati book “The Kundalini Tantra”) states “the seat of the Kundalini has always been seen as a small gland at the seat of the spinal cord.”  However, recent scientific evidence through my book “Awakening the Intelligent Heart’  extends this awareness, finding, “the Heart”,  being the biggest Endocrine gland in the body, and the true Master Gland governing the function of all other glands in the body.  
When  preparing Kristy’s attunement, I decided to activate her Heart’s Kundalini Feminine Fire with Senju Kannon and other Reiki symbols to generate energy to begin to awaken the gland of the self-nurturing, base (mooladhara) chakra.
When Kundalini awakens (also called Sa Sekhem Sahu in the Egyptian Tantra  and Shiva/Shakti – Hindu description) not only are you “blessed with visions, psychic experiences, you could become “a prophet, saint, inspired artist or musician, clairvoyant, messiah etc. (from  Kundalini Tantra)
Kristy’s Higher Self and Intelligent Heart requested the energy to really feel complete for the first time in her life, to reclaim her “Feminine identity”. 
Kundalini (or Sa Sekhem Sahu) is a biological substance that exists in the framework of the body, and when activated generates electrical impulses though the whole body.
All humans have a right to access this power within themselves.  Reiki awakens the Great Skakti, quickly it earths and acknowledges the source energy of the Kundalini energy,  the Mothers energy. 
Traditionally, it was awakened through asanas, pranayama, kriyas, meditations, etc.  
By awakening this “sleeping giant”  at the Heart Centre, sending energy to the Base chakra, consciously visualizing it activating the coiled serpents in the pelvic girdle, you can attune to the intwined serpents, and feel the ascension (under the direction of the Higher Self and Hearts Intelligence of the student or client.)
Despite a 4 hour drive, express feeding, virtually no sleep the night before, Kristy left feeling amazingly energized, and buzzing with her Feminine Force activated.
Feeling the magic of the tantra, is a human’s gift to themselves to say “YES.”…to “ME”!!!
You can also allow yourself to release all identification with yourself sexually being connected to anyone else. (This doesn’t mean you dont have partner’s. You are not handing your power over to any one else!)
I find this power very earthing, and it’s our earth which refines and balances our energy.
Experiment with this energy on yourself, by using the symbols, attuning to your Higher Self and Intelligent Heart and reclaim your Feminine Kundalini Fire..  
All Love .  Carmel
Reiki Miracles
My intent was to create a space for my Reiki ll student Cheryl, giving a healing to Tegan to help Tegan to manifest Tegan’s own miracles through Reiki.
The distance healing symbol (Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen)  can be sent to the person being healed, for any imbalance or blockage (which can be karmic or this lifetimes earlier experience/ childhood trauma etc.)  I demonstrated how the Senju Kannon Reiki symbols could be placed at the Crown Chakra, (the “Bliss” centre, ) Heart Chakra, (the “Self,” centre) and Base Chakra  (“Self Nurturing” centre) and Mother Earth’s Heart (in the core of the earth) to bring down and earth all new incoming energies. 
Instructing Cheryl to use all the other Reiki ll symbols and the distance healing symbol enabled her to get to a “Past Life or Past aspect” for the source of Tegan’s pain.
Senju  Kannon Reiki ll opens the Base Chakra, ( the “Self Nurturing” centre) to Earth.  When Earthing, has taken place, energy can be poured in and the healing begins.
Instructing Cheryl and having her visualize herself in Mother Earth’s healing chambers whilst healing Tegan gave Cheryl a chance to really ‘ground’ the incoming energies.
By earthing this way, more healing energy flows to the Emotional and Mental body of the aura, energy field and light body, of the client balancing and clearing energy blockages.
The attunement of Senju Kannon Reiki made Cheryl “feel so much better for being able to be part of this wonderful energy.”
Tegan who knew nothing about Reiki prior her healing, felt  “clarity through Reiki.. and the blessings it brings- its beautiful energy.”
I just love teaching Senju Kannon Reiki so much.  Every attunement is a miracle. Through attuning Cheryl, Reiki helped me redefine my identity and pursue my own true essence.  My own pure essence has encoded in it my own belief in “selfhood” .   As teachers and healers of Reiki, I urge you to all see yourselves shapeshifting into new beings, every time you practice a healing on yourself or others or attune.  Reiki Earths’ YOU and you dont see yourself through the “eyes” of human experience.
Heart I love YOU all.
High Priestess Initiation


There are so many women who feel they don’t “fit in” to society’s expectations of them. Our culture demands “accountability” to women to “give” unconditionally, continually. I have been initiatiing women to the vibration of the High Priestess for 13 years. Each women initiated feels a profound shift into a new way of experiencing their emotional reaction to life’s events. Your High Priestess is a ‘friend’ and can be called on to create self healing and healing others.

The High Priestess provides you with a ‘model’ for being an “Immortal woman, having an experience in a human body.” You are not limited by your own self imposed definitions of yourself. The student I initiated on last full Moon in Aquarius has been a student since 1997. Having just completed her Senju Kannon Reiki Master Teaching Training she approached the initiation with enthusiasm and dedication, whilst observing her challenges in the 9 lessons/exercises from my book “The High Priestess”. Her carefully selected garment, and divine Heart shaped Talisman of Power pendant, were dedicated to herself and the High Priestess. She brought to the ceremony and initiation an sense of reverence for what she was about the experience throughout the day.

 The day held many surprises for her, some confronting moments, however she was supported throughout the day in the training, with many alchemical signs that her High Priestess was with her. Since the Initiation Ceremony she has found a sense of tranquility and peace knowing she now has a ‘friend’, giving her the courage to open her own ‘temple’ which has been consecrated for her business.

 The High priestess embraces a spiritual philosophy which embodies a world view that is not ‘emotional’ in the every day application of the word; “Emotional” – meaning your currently held pre-conceived idea of the meaning ‘emotional’. the High Priestess challenges you to redefine your “emotional’ reality. When you are in a situation where your emotions begin to surface like a landscape, that is your mind screen’s perspective of your current view of your reality and emotional attachment to your situation, you need to create a space within that emotional landscape to view it as just that: a landscape. This is where humans have so much trouble. They view their emotional landscape and find it is hurting them. There is too much unresolved pain from the past to clear in one go. They react emotionally in a range of emotional extremes such as anger, rage, victim, poor me, betrayal scenarios and so on. We have all played these emotional scenarios out in some way. Try and recall when you felt over whelmed emotionally and recreate the scene, observing yourself without one of your old emotional patterns. For example, if the emotion was anger say to yourself, “I am observing my ‘angry’ self here.” Now you have identified your emotion within the scenario/landscape. By creating a High Priestess in your world view you are acting as “She” would act and you become a model of The High Priestess acting as “She” would. However, you are doing more than this: you are creating “Her” in you. You observe your emotional reactions in every given situation and seek to understand them for what they are, emotions. Emotions don’t have to be reacted to as they are only emotions, but the trick is to identify and catch them before they become untamed and create a polluted landscape.

 The High Priestess resonates within the soul of all women. She will call you! My High Priestess, Shea, has changed my life, bringing peace, order and power. My life and work is a testament to the power of the Priestesses.

How Senju Kannon Reiki helps you to Trust in your Own Power to Heal yourself and Others

Senju Kannon Reiki helps you to develop TRUST in your own POWER to HEAL yourself and others.

I constantly tell people that they have their own power to heal themselves and others. However, “blinks and blank stares” demonstrate non-verbally just the opposite….. Why?

One of the major challenges living in a modern Western industrialized society is our dependance on others outside ourselves to heal ourselves and others.

Most of us are conditioned to believe the medical system “takes care of the physical”, the psychologist/psychiatrist looks after “the emotions”, and the churches/religious organisations etc are supposed to take care of “the other stuff” or the “spiritual side”!

To place in compartments, and hand over responsibility to others to take “care of everything” keeps us enslaved and blind to our own capacity to take responsibility for why we are sick, depressed or dis-spirited.

Within us is a power house of energy which we can tap into bringing power and more importantly “TRUST” our own power to heal ourselves and others.

When I first met Connie (my most recent Senju Kanon Reiki Master) I could feel her enormous power of healing. However getting her to ‘TRUST THAT POWER’ was the issue.
If you find clients/students unable to ‘TRUST THEIR POWER’ then, this exercise/visualization which proved very helpful in my attunement with Connie, may help you too. Connie’s self nurturing centre was blocked in receiving nourishment. Energy goes out to others, nothing comes back from the EARTH TO HEAL HER.
She is a very sophisticated energy worker, in a busy city healing centre. However she had not been told the necessity of grounding to the core of the earth.

Beginning with the Senju Kannon Reiki symbol, we did an enactment where she travelled through Mother Earth’s Air, Fire Water and Earth tunnels meeting the Black Heart of each element. By travelling straight into Mother Earths Heart, she “plugged in”…feeling the energy like never before, she brought this energy up into the self-nurturing centre, (base chakra) visualizing Black and White Kundalini Serpents swallowing all the trapped stagnant energy in the self nurturing centre (base).
Feeling the energy brought a shiver of arousal into her pelvic girdle. It is essential to feel this shift as you know the energy has come from Mother Earth’s Heart to renew and provide Power and stablizing all incoming energies.

Founder of Senju Kannon Reiki™, Carmel Glenane is a sought after healer. You can book distance healing sessions with Carmel at our shop or in person healings through her Healing Centre, Atlantis Rising

Photos of Carmel Glenane's May 2013 tour of Japan including Wesak festival on Mt Kurama

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