The 7 Principles of Gratitude with Senju Kannon Reiki
1.   Gratitude is a Manifestable Energy.
2.  Gratitude is a Force 
3.  Gratitude is the Acknowledgement of Love.
4.  Gratitude is a Force of Remembered Love.
5.  Embodying Gratitude.
6.  Gratitude creates a Sense of Real Service.
7.  Gratitude is the Ultimate Manifestor. 
1.  Gratitude is a Manifestable Energy.
Why is gratitude a manifestable energy?  Gratitude acknowledges you are worthy.  When I say,  “I am grateful for myself”,  this creates a very powerful flow of beautiful energy for you because “you” are saying, “I nurture myself”.
Being grateful to “you”, first for taking a life, being responsible, looking after your health, family, etc, really acknowledges your love of self nurturing.   Manifestation can only come from this sense of self nurturing. We all do so much giving out;  intoning……“I am grateful, heart, I love you”,  acknowledges You.
2.  Gratitude is a Force.
What is “a force”?   A force is energy which creates power, rather like a “blow torch ” of energy.  When properly directed it illuminates, however, can destroy with its energy, if not balanced.  Imagine gratitude as a force you could send to your manifestable creations. 
You can summon the force of gratitude and command its love to help you.
For example, “I now summon the force of gratitude to bring me patience, strength or self worth”. etc.  When used this way, it creates in you the automatic response, “I am grateful” (even if the tyre has blown on the freeway when you are driving ) 
3. Gratitude is the Acknowledgement of Love.
Gratitude creates a climate of absolute power to the love of “All”. Gratitude is the acknowledgement of love.  When love is acknowledged, the force of love becomes stronger. This force of love being stronger and stronger for our loved ones no longer in the physical (including animals, and all of nature, land property, etc. )   Acknowledging gratitude for them strengthens our and their love, opening the doorway to the force being even stronger.           
4.  Gratitude is a Force of Remembered Love.
When we “remember” we create a space for remembered love to take root in our mind based consciousness.   Remembered love is that:  a portal of energy where in a time and place, we had full knowledge and acceptance of love being the most powerful intelligence of all.  Being grateful activates the “force of gratitude” which magnetises itself to “remembered love”.  When love is remembered, it creates a pathway directly to the heart, opening up to an expanded view of consciousness at every level. 
5. Embodying Gratitude
When we focus on gratitude as being in the absolute moment , spontaneously, not forced, (I “should” be grateful etc,) you are embodying gratitude.  To embody something is being in complete harmony, or alignment with its consciousness.  “I embody the principle of gratitude”.  ie. You have surrendered the past completely meaning not to make “friends” with the past, but just seeing the past for what it was and where it has brought you.
6.  Gratitude creates a Sense of Real Service
As gratitude magnetises itself to you through the gravitational force of the Law of Gratitude, you begin to see your life as one of service. 
For example, in my daily affirmations, I include, “I am in service to The Mother.”   Gratitude supports service in what ever way we choose. Service is not servitude, or duty.  It is  a spontaneous moment of true inter connectedness with all.  The gratitude activation generates a code of real loving service, which by definition is balanced.
For example, by intoning , “I am in service to Earth Mother”,  if asked to help a  a person out at this moment  etc, shifts the feeling of “having” to help. There is a choice for you to enact this “service,” as you are drawing Earth Mother’s force through her elements to you.
7.  Gratitude is the Ultimate Manifestor.
When gratitude becomes part of your consciousness, it honours absolute abundance. Absolute abundance is the “absolute” of abundance. (you can compare it to “absolute” a name given to the purest most pure of oils etc in the perfume industry)  For this reason, gratitude becomes the Ultimate Manifestor, because it acknowledges the very best an abundant life can bring.  Of all the great things we can manifest, lets try intoning Gratitude before the manifestation has even been birthed.
Why? It acknowledges at some level we are ready for more, to go deeper into the process of our immortal selves.
Love your new Grateful Self.
Founder of Senju Kannon Reiki™, Carmel Glenane is a sought after healer. You can book distance healing sessions with Carmel at our shop or in person healings through her Healing Centre, Atlantis Rising

Photos of Carmel Glenane's May 2013 tour of Japan including Wesak festival on Mt Kurama

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