Becoming a Reiki Practitioner

Reiki has many benefits for you and those around you. Reiki is one of safest forms of energy healing. It is an effective healing technique both by itself and when used in conjunction with other healing modalities. You can read more about the effectiveness of Reiki on our Reiki Research page.

Becoming a Reiki Practitioner
You become clearer and will be able to give reiki treatments to yourself and to other people. Reiki opens up the energy channels in your body so the universal life force can enter your energy field and help heal pain. You will be able to release mental and emotional patterns and send distance healings to loved ones. Ultimately beoming a reiki master/teacher enables you to heal at a soul level, align with your soul’s purpose and attune others into the sacred feminine healing art of Reiki.

Reiki training is a wonderful experience that enriches your life. It takes place in 3 levels, Reiki I, Reiki II and the Reiki Master/Teacher level, Reiki III. Training courses are completed at Coolangatta in Australia.  You will receive certification and everything you need for your Senju Kannon Reiki™ practice at your level of training. Training in Senju Kannon Reiki™ entitles you to certification in Senju Kannon and Usui lineage of Reiki. You will be attuned in the traditional manner allowing you entrance to Reiki Associations.

If you are attuned to another lineage of Reiki and would like to upgrade to Senju Kannon Reiki™, you can do so. We have a special program to attune you to Senju Kannon at the same level as your current attunement. See here for details

All students who complete their training are able to complementarily continue to attend the training centre, assist in the training of other students and learn new techniques. We have newsletters, blogs and facebook groups to keep you informed of training dates, events and other Senju Kannon Reiki™ news.

Founder of Senju Kannon Reiki™, Carmel Glenane is a sought after healer. You can book distance healing sessions with Carmel at our shop or in person healings through her Healing Centre, Atlantis Rising

Photos of Carmel Glenane's May 2013 tour of Japan including Wesak festival on Mt Kurama

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