Senju Kannon Reiki™ Attunements

You will receive the Senju Kannon Reiki™ Symbol, Instruction for using it in healings and attunements This package includes a Senju Kannon Reiki™ Booklet and Spray Mist. The symbol will enable you to create Senju Kannon Reiki™ Miracles every day.

It is a symbol for miracles. You will be given additional support material and access to promote your practice on our Practitioner’s page. You will receive ongoing support in a vibrant feminine Reiki community. We have a community of Senju Kannon Reiki™ Masters as far away as Norway.

Please view this Youtube clip from Carmel..

Frequently asked Questions?

Q. What will this symbol allow me to do?
A. This symbol is honouring the source feminine energy of Reiki and will allow your Reiki to work faster deeper creating miracles every day. By acknowledging the source energy I believe you are receiving an enormous amount of power and energy.

Q. There aren’t any symbols given in traditional Usui Level 1. Can i use this symbol at Level 1?
A. Yes, traditionally there are no symbols given at Reiki 1, however all Reiki 1 channels are able to to use this symbol by itself in healings.

Q. How can miracles happen?
A. With Senju Kannon Reiki™, your intent is manifested easily because the symbol earths you and enables you to concentrate more. You cannot manifest unless you are earthed and can concentrate. Furthermore the energy of the symbol reinforces surrender i.e. what do I have to “release” for this “intent” to manifest?

Q. How long will this attunement take?
A. If you are being attuned separately it will take one hour. If you want a Reiki refersher, you can nominate your required time by discussion.

INVESTMENT: $500.00  –  (4 Hour training intensive including the Attunement.) 
Investing in wellness means you wont have to invest in disease!

This video will assist New Senju Kannon Reiki Master Teachers when completing the attunement process on their new students.

Sonten. Carmel.

Founder of Senju Kannon Reiki™, Carmel Glenane is a sought after healer. You can book distance healing sessions with Carmel at our shop or in person healings through her Healing Centre, Atlantis Rising

Photos of Carmel Glenane's May 2013 tour of Japan including Wesak festival on Mt Kurama

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