Bringing Integrated Divine Feminine & Masculine Reiki to the World

Right now its time to Allow The Forces through Reiki mergence, bring you this new revolutionary energy.  As you open up your own Stargate, the integration of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine symbols support Reiki’s Traditions.

Reiki’s Heart is alive to the challenges we are have now to sustain ourselves in our world today.

You are being invited to become part of our Global Senju Kannon Reiki family.  The energy brings profound cellular remembering, celebrating its ancient lineage through Mt Kurama Japan, and strengthening your commitment to sustain the New Direction Reiki is able to bring you.

Revolutionary and Indepth; the system changes the way you ever thought about Reiki, bringing you The Force to sustain yourself in your Stargate Heart.

Celebrate the Divine Union of The Balanced Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine forces through Reiki.  It is a gift to your Heart and our world.


We NOW Expect Senju Kannon Reiki Miracles.

We Now give All Love and All Truth for our Miracles to Manifest.

We are NOW Grateful.

Thank you Reiki.

Shinto Marriage Ceremony – Mt Kurama Japan