Secrets of the Feminine DNA – Activating the Intelligent Heart – Part lll

Activating the Intelligent Heart’s Secrets of the Feminine DNA

One of science’s most badly kept secrets is the incredible power of MIT DNA. Your consciousness is now entrained to begin to discover the source of The Self. The secret is yours now.

The energy of the MIT DNA is now available to begin the journey to discover the source of ‘the self’. The source of ‘the self’ is the sole purpose for humanity’s evolution. Humans cannot evolve as a species unless there is an activation of the MIT DNA as there is no glandular stimulation to love. Primarily the sole purpose for humanity’s evolution is contained in this DNA. If humans choose not to evolve whilst in a human body this gland remains dormant and in a passive state…more info.

The High Priest – Part lll

The High Priest must carry truth to create new meaning for his life and for humanity to do this there is a need to allow the frequency of truth to be around him through the energy of love.  Love is the energy that carries truth and love is the energy, which creates truth,

Love is the most important ingredient for the truth to be realized.  To create in love the High Priest must carry the vibration of love, for all love is the barometer, which will determine how the Priest will evolve.

It is very important now to just create this loving vibration by monitoring all reactions, which interfere with the energy of love.  All energies, which interfere with this loving vibration, will disrupt the High Priests journey to his ‘self’ for the ‘self’ of any man cannot be made truthful without love.  Love will bring the reward of trust in the High Priests truth.

To begin to find the love is to be in the presence of your own heart and to see it as an organism, which needs care.

Say to yourself: “I love my heart.”…more info


The High Priest – Part ll


Firewalker Visualization Exercise:

Try and visualize yourself now as a firewalker. Really imagine the level of concentration and energy you would need for the Red Hot coals not to burn your soles of your feet. Feel the essence of fire searing the skin, but not burning it. The weapon of fire must be mastered for the Priest.

“I master fear through fire”

“I master fear through the element of fire”

“All fear around fire and burning must go”

More info

The High Priest – Part 1


Here is your opportunity to preview the High Priest. 7 years to write, now for you Men! Its your turn! “EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH THROUGH THE HIGH PRIEST” all love Carmel.

<strong>Are you worthy to become a modern spiritual warrior?
Do you want to be a truth seeker?
Are you ready to release your attachments?</strong>

The High Priest is a figure of power and strength when he combines this act of loving for himself. There is an acknowledgement of the masculine process and what is involved in this process to begin to create.
It is very important to really find what your definition of the masculine is and create with this. You must really allow your true creative worth to be realised in the masculine process. All creative processes involve the masculine…more info

Book now available in store at Atlantis Rising Healing Centre or at Online store:
Book now available in store at Atlantis Rising Healing Centre or at Online store:



Self Realization – Part V

All life is a celebration of your own joy in being human and you need now to create for your life now, the absolute joy love and wonder embracing and enfolding you now as you are the master magician and you hold the key to your own universe which is all of creation…more info  


Self Realization – Part IV

To create the Mysteries in your own life you must live a life of truth and surrender.  To surrender is the greatest learning a human must undergo and there is no other way to experience Bliss, Peace and Immortality.  You must endeavour to practice surrender and observe small surrenders every day.  Every day practice a small surrender.  What do I need to surrender today?

Ask yourself,  “Where is my surrender now?”  “What must I surrender today?”..more info





Self Realization – Part lll – Surrender


You are aware of the energy around you which control the forces of existence.  You can see that you don’t have very much actual control over what you want in your world.  You are now striving in this relationship with yourself, to bring about the changes required for your journey of truth and trust in your self for mastery of your desires and fears.  You know that your desires and fears equate to one thing.  The survival of the little self.  The little self wants recognition and pleasure……more info.. 






Self Realization Part ll

The Mysteries of The Divine Feminine are now bringing to your life this sense of adventure. Just begin this adventure of self discovery now by plotting your journey to a self realised life.
A self realised life brings the Mystery of creation to you in a magical and personal form. Allow the Mysteries to unfold gently on your journey. This is an adventure and has all the elements of the ‘adventure’. The adventure is the beginning of trust in the self to explore the Mysteries. Let the curtain open to reveal your more Continue reading “Self Realization Part ll”

Self Realization

The story of creation is one of Mystery, in fact Mystery surrounds all of creation, and it is to our own creation we must turn toward to enact the Mysteries of old. Our creation is a Mystery, in so much as it is really unknown to our other self, our self which lives in everyday reality. It is therefore essential that we turn off the light switch which continually re-enforces our mortal self and not our mysterious self. Our mysterious self is the code-breaker to free the mortal self to experience living not only human but humanely to the self. Continue reading “Self Realization”

Awakening The Intelligent Heart Part – V

Your heart has the biggest energy field of your body and at the centre of it’s centre is a point of singularity that is both infinitely small and infinitely dense. It is a doorway within your body to the universal vacuum, a doorway to the infinite…>more info: