Frequently Asked Question

Q 1. If I have completed my Usui Reiki Level 1 , 2 or 3 Master Teacher with another Teacher or On Line, what are you offering?

A. After you have read the website information, if you decide you want Attunement to The Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine Reiki, there are a number of options.  All Attunements and Training Sessions are tailored to the individual depending on their circumstances and needs. You may like to have the additional symbols in an Attunement to them only within a workshop framework.  (The minimum time would be 2 Hours, which would complete the Attunement to the Senju Kannon  Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine symbols – in this ceremony you will receive the Attunement symbols and an explanation of them.) The 2 Hour Cermony does not include the Full training booklet.  Tailored programmes to update you current Reiki Level can be discussed individually.  A refresher Reiki program is available depending on your requirements.  Price will be discussed after assessing what your needs are. 

Q 2.  What if I have already completed Senju Kannon Reiki and want to have the Attunement to The Divine masculine symbol?

A.  You will be able to receive The Divine Masculine symbol in a 2 Hour intensive.  However, you will need to book additional time to receive the full booklet which needs explanation in a workshop programme. Min 4 Hours.

Q 3. Can I have a refresher to Senju Kannon without The divine Masculine symbol?

A.  Yes, the price structure and your needs would be discussed and agreed upon.

Q 4. Can the training be completed Online?

A.  The Online training program is still in development.  We do offer Attunement/Training via Distance.  the programme can be completed with support material being forwarded to you, in a Question/Answer and Exercise format.  You will be required to complete and demonstrate your commitment and knowledge and return completed modules to the Training School.  It reflects your ability to be structured with the exercises provided and set for you to receive the study program.  The Attunement can be completed via a Skype call.  The investment for the Distance training/Attunement is the same as the in person Attunement.