Miracles & Testimonials:

Expect a Senju Kannon Miracle

Senju Kannon Reiki is Miracle Healing.
What are Miracles?
Miracles are created when we allow ourself to surrender to forces outside ourselves to assist us.
Attune to your Higher Self and Heart for your Senju Kannon Reiki miracle.
“I Now EXPECT a Senju Kannon Reiki miracle today for….”
1. Breathe in “Heart I Love You” affirmation placing the Senju Kannon Reiki symbol on your heart.
2. “I now give All Love and “All Truth” for your intent to manifest.
3. “I am NOW Grateful”.
You are now ready to receive your Senju Kannon Reiki miracle or miracles.
Document your miracles daily and your Senju Kannon Reiki miracles will start manifesting.


RECEIVED 14/2/19 from Senju Kannon Usui – Reiki level 2 training:

Valentines Day! My final day of “LOVE” training with Carmel. What a truly magical experience this has been; my mind is Blissfully Calm, my Heart is open and FULL of Light and Love.  I look at the new world with Wonder now and can’t wait for the miracles that await. Thank you Carmel, Heart I Love You. Fiona.  Tasmania

RECEIVED 5/2/19 from Senju Kannon/Usui Reiki Master Teacher training:

The master Attunement has changed my beingin a deeply personal level, opening my heart to a new perspective of the planet Earth; my role here in Service to her.  Bringing down the feminine energies from the Black heart of the Stellar Void, through my own Black Heart into The Earth Mothers Black heart… Heart I Love You so much!!  Carmel is fabulous and the Teaching have my life going content.  Gratitude, Katie. Brisbne

Received 14/11/18 from Senju Kannon Reiki Level 1 :

Thank you, thank you, thank you, I am so grateful for our time together, for your expertise as a Reiki Master Teacher.  I feel like I have the keys to unlock my immortal heart and manifest gratitude.  You have a wonderful team of beautiful souls around you and I just love my Moldavite Crystal singing bowl. Heart I Love you always, Melinda. Gold Coast.

Received 31/3/18 from Senju Kannon Reiki Level 1- The first student attuned to the new Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Reiki symbols together.  – Anglea Ellen – Gold Coast

“This experience for my life was one that I was born to do.  Fear held me back for many years.  I/m free and I feel so blessed and empowered, to receive the gift of the Senju Kannon – Usui Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Reiki Level 1.  I hold this sacred knowledge with integrity and respect.  I prey that I will be able to honour The High Priestess and be of Service.  I love my heart and the heart of All hearts.” 

received 21/9/17 from Senju Kannon Reiki Master/Teacher – Catherine Brastel, from France.

On 15 September 2015, I received from my teacher Carmel Glenane Mastery in Reiki on the beach of la grenouille, a wonderful omen for what was expected in France, “Froggies Beach” In Coolangatta-Qld Australia. It is naturally that I returned to the sea this weekend to celebrate these 2 extraordinary years. Carmel gave me these wonderful gifts:

1st Gift:  Reconnect me to my Divine Feminine through the Reiki of the Divine Feminine, with the inexhaustible help of the Goddess of compassion Senju Kannon / Quan Yin / Kali and the power it gives in itself, Self-esteem, yes, I deserve it! After the trials crossed as a mother of 2 children in a painful situation at that time of my life.

The 2nd Gift: To be able to convey the teachings of the Reiki of the Divine Feminine, and balancing the masculine and feminine forces by anchoring them in the heart of our Mother Earth.

The 3rd Gift: To listen to my heart and be able to tell her; “heart I love you!” And to be able to manifest everything that my heart desires in love and the truth (from my heart) supported by my husband. I’m grateful! Thank you to all those who have allowed me – including my children and they are fine!- and allow me to share in sharing and joy my work of love. Thank you to my sacred singing bowls and the magic they bring to all my care, initiations and meditations. Heart I love you. Catherine Brastel. France. 2017