Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine – Senju Kannon™️ – Usui Reiki Training Program

This new programme for Senju Kannon™️ Usui  Reiki Training is the Revised, updated 2018 Edition.

Commencing 29/6/19 All Levels of Senju Kannon™️ Usui Reiki Training are GLOBALLY ACCREDITED Training Programs by International Energetic Healing Association. 

Apart from the Traditional Attunement I was attuned to in 1993, all material has been written by the Author.

As we witness the acceleration of different energy modalities, it is a Miracle to be able to help the restructure of Reiki to keep up with the changes in all energy healing, systems, and modalities.  When I was first attuned in 1993, there was only Usui Traditional Reiki available.  Now there are many different Reiki trainings embracing many different systems.  I was also attuned to Karuna Reiki and Seichim Sekhem Reiki in the 90s,  I healed and attuned clients and students with these powerful symbols as well as Traditional Usui Reiki.

The breakthrough in personal consciousness come through for me, when I took a private spiritual pilgrimage to Reiki‘s Birthplace in Mt Kurama, Japan, to experience the living energies of the Shinto (nature based ‘religion’ in Japan and the Buddhist Temple religious practices at Mt Kurama.) It was humbling and awe inspiring to sit where Dr Usui was supposed to receive his enlightenment in the “wilderness” energy of Mt Kurama.

I received an epiphany in this Stargate location where I spontaneous channelled Usui, and he summoned me to bring the Feminine into Reiki.  It was an extremely cathartic and challenging experience.   After this ‘spontaneous’ initiation, I was guided to create the Kannon symbol. (The Japanese name for Quan Yin in Japan) Kannon is known as The Mother of Japan, and is a Buddhist deity.  I began leading Groups to Mt Kurama Japan witnessing the incredible divinely feminine energy downloads through The Kannon Reiki Symbol with my group.

After another pilgrimage to Japan with another group, I was guided to use the esoteric name for Kannon.   “Senju Kannon”.

What you experienced now, through Senju Kannon Reiki is a culmination of Divine Feminine energy from 2008, where I have attuned and healed with the Senju Kannon Reiki symbol and Usui symbols.

Right now my own inner transformation has resulted in the birth of the Divine Masculine Symbol to support the integration and earthing of the Divine Feminine Senju Kannon Symbol.  The Divine Masculine Symbol has been ‘gifted’ once again through Usui in August 2017 after I visited Mt Kurama again being a guest at a private Shinto wedding in Kifune, Mt Kurama. This symbol has also been given in healing and Attunements to Reiki since that time.

These two symbols co create with Usui Traditional Training. 

The original Usui lineage I.e. the original Attunement procedure, has in no way been altered from the original which I have been attuned to in early 90s.   There are three powerful new energies, which support Traditional Usui Training I have channelled.

The new programme includes:

  1. Traditional Usui Lineage. My original lineage.
  2. The symbol Senju Kannon Divine Feminine Reiki (Channelled and taught since 2008)
  3. The symbol Divine Masculine honouring the force Dr. Usui was enlightened through in his “Satori “. (Buddhist word.)

This new symbol was channelled after my May 2017 pilgrimage to Mt Kurama, Kyoto and Kifune. This symbol was given in August 2017.  I am now ready to release this symbol to my Reiki students, as part of the new revised programme.

All Reiki symbols have been channelled since Dr Usui began healing after his enlightenment in Mt Kurama Japan. Dr Usui has not written about Reiki, or was formally given any symbols since his enlightenment on MT. Kurama.

The Traditional Symbols from my lineage include:

Cho Ku Rei.         –         Level 1 – Traditional

Sei He Kei / Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen      –     Level 11 – Traditional

Dai Ko Myo / Tam A Ra Sha       –         Master Teacher – Traditional

Traditional symbols are from many sources.

The symbols I have channelled support the Traditional Reiki and earth the Traditional Reiki training. Be guided by the client’s intelligent heart in using Traditional or my symbols through Senju Kannon Reiki or the Divine Masculine Reiki symbol

When you receive an Attunement through The Atlantis Rising Mystery School Training programme for Reiki you will receive all symbols of the Usui Traditional Lineage. You will receive two further symbols integrating and earthing the Reiki unbelievably, Senju Kannon Reiki and the Divine Masculine Reiki Symbol

Reiki is a way of life for me and I embody its practice.

It is miracle healing. Heart I Love You,



Senju Kannon Reiki Level 1 traditionally has opened the student to receive energy through The Forces called Reiki.  As the system was founded by Mikao Usui and developed by others since his enlightenment on Mt Kurama, Japan, earlier in the century we have no written evidence of his direct experience. All we know is he became a healer after his 3 week purification on Mt Kurama.

As you are now ready to say “Yes” to the Force of Love this system represents, you will begin to observe how your life is changing.
You are acknowledging you must take responsibility for ALL that happens to you. This prevents you from being a victim to others view of you and more importantly, your view of yourself. In other words Reiki begins the process of acknowledging that you may be experiencing difficulties in seeking answers for peace. It works by restructuring your codings  by repairing  and recalibrating them.
You may have broken Codings around poverty, relationship patterning etc.
As our human consciousness can only take so much in its unfoldment because of these damaged, broken codings, the need to get these codings in alignment must be done first. Senju Kannon Reiki does this.  However, you, the seeker must recognise that these codings are damaged, broken, and like a jigsaw puzzle must fit them all together.
This is very important.   Senju Kannon Reiki repairs, restructure, recalibrates and re-codes these codings, like making a rope strong before you climb any higher up the mountain.


Individual Attunement for the two Senju Kannon Reiki symbols and Traditional Usui symbols:  $1,200.00 AUD. Training Program is an 8 Hour Intensive – 1 Day.
Reiki Level 1

1 day - 8 Hour Intensive


Pay with PayPal


(A $200 discount is available for more than one student attending the one-day programme.)
We offer a Payment Plan to support you in paying off your Attunement prior to the commencement of your day.
You may bring a friend or loved one to be attuned with you so you can share the enlightenment and help support each other not only on the day but afterwards.
If it’s available to you, you may like to offer someone the gift of giving them a healing after you have been attuned (they are a “model” for your practice.)
If this person isn’t available, we can help you find your “model” with one of our students who would like to receive a healing.
Your Attunement day also includes your being able to personally select several singing bowls  from our retail Singing Bowl Temple,  to accompanying you on your enlightenment day. This Sound emersion is an additional benefit for you in receiving your Attunement   These bowls are available for purchase. (this is optional. )


Senju Kannon Reiki Level 11 opens the pathway to really Earthing and integrating the Forces through the Divine Feminine, and Divine Masculine Attunement you will have received in Level 1.  It creates a vortex in your energy matrix and grids, and aligns you to the Earth and the Stellar energies.   This energy brings about a sense of real and lasting power.
There is a sense of solidity and order as you are now able to be given the Traditional Usui symbols at Level 11. You will receive an additional Attunement to the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine;  Senju Kannon Reiki symbols given in Level 1.
The Attunement allows you to begin to transit in your metamorphosis, awakening your dormant, dark spirit to shine in the Heart of the Earth.
You will begin to flow in the raw magical essence and the energy of a sublime manifesting energy through Senju Kannon Reiki  miracles.
Until you receive your Level 11 Attunement you cannot imagine the manifestable energy of Earth herself.   You will receive the three Usui traditional symbols as well as being attuned at Level 11 to your level 1  Senju Kannon Reiki symbols.
By loving the human YOU are, you become confident in passing on the healing in distance form to others; you will begin to open the gateway and help others self healing as you have created  in this  essence, Yourself.


Senju Kannon Reiki Level 11. Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.
$1,800.00 AUD.  10 hours – Training 1.5 Days
Day 1  –   9.30 – 4.30pm.
1/2 Day – 9.30 -12.30pm.
You can be attuned individually or in a group.
Reiki Level 11

1.5 days - 10 Hours


Pay with PayPal


The programme has 10% discount for Group Attunement.
We offer a Payment Plan to support you in paying off your Attunement prior to the commencement of your day.

Senju Kannon / Usui  Reiki Master/Teacher

Senju Kannon Reiki Level 3 –  Master Teacher.

You are being offered “The Final Secret” in your Level 3 Master Teacher fully integrated training programme.  The Secrets of  Senju Kannon Reiki will be available to you in new powerful downloads for your consciousness.
Believing in your own power is The Secret to your individuality and this Two Day programme allows you to partake in the miracle of your Secret Self.
By drawing on your own individual essence, you will begin to confidently develop your own personal programmes and give Attunements to others yourself.
Forgetting your past, the people and events from your old world your Senju Kannon Reiki Masters is a reunion with your own Secret Heart. 
You will begin to stat, allowing your ALL, to create with you. Knowing you are witnessing  ALL the time, your power against the forces of gravity through your emotional heart and intellectual mind taking  you away from your own unbelievable power.
The power and light of your being ness creates with you. You are a force to be reckoned with as you travel on you spiral symbols of power.
You will begin to allow, merge, and become one for the spectacle of who YOU are.


Senju Kannon Reiki Level 3- Master Teacher – Divine Feminine and Masculine.
$2,000.00AUD – 16 Hrs Training – 2 Days
Day 1:  9.30 – 4.30 pm
Day 2:  9.30 – 4.30 pm
You can be attuned individually or in a Group.
Reiki Level 111

2 days - 16 hours


Pay with PayPal


Group programme 10% off for Group Attunement.


Existing Senju Kannon™ Usui Reiki Master Teachers should consult with Carmel to assess what options will be required to UPDATE their qualifications to the new ACCREDITED Reiki Master Teacher training.

Please call 07 55367399 to arrange a consult with Carmel, so she can tailor support to suit your needs.